Based on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) a complete seventeen % of all identity theft is dedicated for work purposes. The Social Security Administration (SSA) states that more than seventy-five % of all the social security numbers which have been utilized in situations of fraud are numbers which were given to someone besides the fraudulent user.

Plus, those that make fraudulent documents frequently pick a social security number entirely at random significance which, after fifty % of all the social security numbers out there have actually been given, there’s a pretty good possibility that the amount selected at random will already belong to someone.

It may be damaging for a person to discover that his or maybe her social security number or maybe identity have been stolen. The person might be governed by years of legal problems surrounding restoring his or maybe her recognition, standing, or perhaps a clean criminal record.

What a lot of people do not consider is that social security and identity theft fraud could be just as devastating to employers. In such instances, not simply comes with an employer hired a person who’s clearly deceitful because he/she is fraudulently using another person’s identity, that individual is likely committing a criminal offense to hide a crime. Nearly all individuals have no have to “borrow” somebody else’s identity unless they’ve one thing they have to cover up.

At very best, an employer that employs a person utilizing a different individuals identity could be susceptible to internal fraud and theft. At worst, that employer could be subject to legal liability as well as a ruin since they’ve employed a person with a major criminal record that pursues crime while on the task.

An applicant’s identity is correctly identified using a comprehensive background screening process. Even though some employers depend on the candidate to provide instructions confirming identity, sensible employers go one step further and use a screening service to make sure of what the candidate has submitted. Surprisingly, anyone verification component is able to ignore an applicant’s real identity, but a multi-pronged check is apt to uncover somebody who’s fraudulently working with another person’s identity.

The basic truth is the fact that documents can be forged. And, those engaging in the forging now are as great it is often very hard also for professionals to see the big difference between what’s true and what’s fake. Nevertheless, a comprehensive check which contains the submission of documents, a fingerprint test, title and alias SEO, criminal records article, driving records, and more provides employers with a good deal of protection.

Nevertheless, undertaking such extensive checks could be hard if not impossible for many employers. That is exactly why partnering with a respected background screening company which is on Forbes list of best identity verification companies might be a great plan.

Although, when compared with other crimes, identity theft is still a tiny proportion of criminal activity, top several employers to wonder if it is actually worth stressing about, hiring only one individual that has effectively hidden a criminal past is able to damage a business by endangering its can, customers, clients, and employees eventually destroy the potential future of that organization as a result of legal liability issues such as for instance negligent hiring.

Overlooking any aspect of pre-employment screening simply is not well worth the risk.

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