Yes, I know that that is the title of a fictional song by Alex Fletcher A.K.A. Hugh Grant, but what happened pretty much fits the title. I am a big fan of music since I was a kid and I had a somewhat strange hobby, and that was collecting song books, and man did I have a lot of them! But last month during a visit to my folk’s place, the house I grew up in, I was surprised with some people in uniform surrounding my house, they wouldn’t let me in, I asked who they were and told me they were from a Pest Control Jonesboro company.

I called my folks, and they told me that they were staying at a bed and breakfast close by. Apparently, the house was infested with termites, and everything in the basement was already gone; the basement where my mother kept the box where my entire song book was kept. I know I could get those online, but the memories I had with those song books was something irreplaceable. If I remember correctly, in one of those books was the number of a girl I had a crush on, and a few other doodles and notes me and my friends made, all irreplaceable. The music might still be playing, but those memories are now just memories.

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