My Basement Soundtrack: Lorde’s Green Light

The new song of Lorde has just been released, and it matches my mood while clearing our basement for our major project this year—the conversion of our basement to home studio/game area. It took an entire year to convince my mom and dad to let me use the space. I was also fortunate that they pitch in half of the expense as a present for my birthday. It is exciting news, and I will tell you of the development of the construction next time.

As of now, I was asked to contact Dumpster Rental NJ to haul away the unusable stuff and construction debris from our basement project. We used their service a few years back, and we only have a good thing to say about their service. I had the chance to read more about this new song from Lorde today after we took care of the clutter.

Lorde, the New Zealand-based singer-songwriter, is the culprit for the 2013 hit song “Royals” that landed her on the top on the Billboard Hot 100. Making her the youngest to achieve that feat since 1987.

It is also interesting to know that she had some really nice connection with New Jersey. How? Well, her Golden Globe nominated song “Yellow Flicker Beat” was recorded just under our noses, at the Lakehouse Recording Studios in Asbury Park. I might have bumped into her while she was walking at the boardwalks, without me knowing it.

Her song “Royals” was even covered by our very own New Jersey artist, Bruce Springsteen during his Australian tour in 2014. He uploaded a video of this cover song from his Australia tour

Fast forward to 2017; she recently released a new single titled “Green Light,” According to the artist, “the song is actually about heartbreak.” It was a great shift of gears from her previous album, but I am loving it! Oh, what broken-heartedness can do to young artist’s hearts! Much more creativity for sure.

“Green Light” is the first song released from her new album Melodrama. It is surprising that this track could sweep you off your feet to dance, just like when you broke your heart, and just want to kill it on the dance floor.

The music video for Green Light is out, too. It is directed by Grant Singer, the same guy who directed the “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” music video of Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik. You can watch Lorde’s Green Light

If you are wondering when the album will be available, it is said that Melodrama will probably be out in May or June this year. It is a bit of a long wait, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be worth it.

Have a music filled day!

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