I am staying in my sister’s spare bedroom for the night, and I am sure I will be sleepless. My niece cries every two hours to announce her feeding time, but I do not mind the noise. It even gives me an excuse to listen to more good music while I am juggling homework and other tasks.

You might be wondering about this sleepover. Well, our apartment was scheduled to be fumigated by Pest Control Tampa. It is just a routine maintenance required by our landlord to ensure that the property is always in pristine condition. He is a neat freak, but we can’t complain since it is actually for a good cause. I haven’t seen rodents or roaches in our apartment complex since I moved in a year ago, and that’s a pleasant surprise compared to the places I lived in before. No pest means clean environment for everyone.

Now, since we are talking about pests, I am inspired to write about bands that were inspired by everyday bugs.

The Beatles

Before the band became famous, they called themselves “Quarrymen” and the “Silver Beetles.” Stuart Sutcliffe, the band’s original bassist, gave the name “The Beatles” in honor of his favorite band, “Buddy Holly and the Crickets.” John Lennon thought of a better name by combining beat and beetles, and then the name “The Beatles” was born.

The Crickets

This band inspired The Beatles, even in naming their band. As cited in a book about the band’s lead vocalist Buddy Holly, the group was inspired by other musical acts named after birds. They then fixed their sights on insect names, thus, the name Crickets.

Adam and the Ants

They were a new wave band from England lead by Adam Ant (real name Stuart Goddard). It is not certain how the band got its name, but some theorized that it must be from a brand of toilets and urinals in the UK. Whatever the origin was, the name turned out to be catchy.

Alien Ant Farm

They are an American rock band led by vocalist Dryden Mitchell. The band’s name was given by its guitarist Terry Corso who daydreamed about alien invasion on Earth.

Bee Gees

Many claims that the name is a fun way to spell the initials “Brothers Gibb.” However, the band said that it was actually in honor of their friends, Bill Good and Bill Gates who helped them when they were still starting their career.

Papa Roach

They are a rock band in the United States led by Jacoby Shaddix. The band name was borrowed from his step-grandfather Howard Willian Roatch, who was nicknamed “Papa Roach.”

Persephone’s Bees

Time to get a little geeky, Persephone is the daughter of the Greek gods Zeus and Demeter. Persephone’s story is the myth that explains why we have seasons. But the band’s lead vocalist Angelina Moysov said that she did not think of the myth when she thought about the band’s name.

Now, here’s something extra cool. Did you know that bands do not only follow insects’ name? In fact, in 2012, an insect was named after Beyoncé. Bryan Lessard called a rare Australian horsefly with a golden behind, Scaptia beyonceae. What glamorous horsefly that is!

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