DIY – Repaing Your iPhone

Over the last few years, the DIY, or do-it-yourself, motion has been growing rapidly within the USA. Thanks in huge part to all of the information that is available on the web, an increasing number of Americans are seeking ways that they could take higher control over their very own lives instead of having to […]

Time To Redo Your Bathroom

Is your bath tub or shower worn out and also looking worn-out? Do you have original restroom fixtures and also counters from the 60’s or 70’s in those outdated shades? Are you dealing with the previous owner’s decorating system? Have you postpone redesigning your washroom due to the high cost or the interruption during the […]

Fat Burner Reviews

Diet plans, today, are a dime a dozen and also oftentimes you would certainly even get modification. Every celeb is pressing their very own fad diet and they desire you to get on their band wagon or at the very least get their book. Look for the science and stay clear of the witchcraft. A […]

Benefits of Online Investment Management

Web based task monitoring has plenty of various advantages when as compared to offline management devices and also software programs. The major benefit, certainly, is effectiveness and effectiveness due to the fact that you could track and also check things in real-time no matter where worldwide you are. With other programs, you would have limited […]

Top 5 Tips for Every Radio Presenter

Top 5 Tips for Every Radio Presenter

You must probably be aware that going live on air is not easy. Of course, by practice, you can do wonders. But when you are a beginner you will probably have to stumble upon a lot of things before you reach the heights of success. Your voice is the only thing that connects you with […]

Interesting Facts about Radio and Radio Broadcasting

Interesting Facts about Radio and Radio Broadcasting

Though a lot of things have evolved, with radio having potential competitive technologies, and replacement quite closely available, we still not able to detach ourselves from the idea of listening to radio broadcasting. With mobile phones and computers, the technology has come much closer now. Even today people find it very much useful to have […]

Pop Goes My Heart

Yes, I know that that is the title of a fictional song by Alex Fletcher A.K.A. Hugh Grant, but what happened pretty much fits the title. I am a big fan of music since I was a kid and I had a somewhat strange hobby, and that was collecting song books, and man did I […]

Insect Names In The Music Scene

I am staying in my sister’s spare bedroom for the night, and I am sure I will be sleepless. My niece cries every two hours to announce her feeding time, but I do not mind the noise. It even gives me an excuse to listen to more good music while I am juggling homework and […]

My Basement Soundtrack: Lorde’s Green Light

The new song of Lorde has just been released, and it matches my mood while clearing our basement for our major project this year—the conversion of our basement to home studio/game area. It took an entire year to convince my mom and dad to let me use the space. I was also fortunate that they […]

Pop VS Popular Music

Some people are confused whether Pop is one and the same with Popular music. We explore their differences to distinguish them clearly from each other. First, the definitions, Popular music is a common term used to describe the broad genres of music that has mass appeal. The key here is that different genres, such as […]

Do We Still Need Genres?

Popular music or Pop is commonly called mainstream music. Some people think that it is a separate category, but they do not realize that pop music actually consists of different genres such us hip-hop, rock, dance, jazz, electronic, R&B, among others. I think the best way to describe pop music is to think of it […]